The Bullet Journal




If turning a blank page into a uniquely designed schedule, list, calendar, goal planner and/or habit tracker (just to name a few) then the bullet journal is for you.

No two bullet journals are the same. Each person creates content based on what's important to them, which makes it more likely to meet goals and actually get stuff done. 

With a bullet journal, each page can have a style all it's own. This is a place to let your creativity run wild. Get as imaginative as you want. You don't even have to stick with written text. Use images to communicate ideas. Make it colorful. Design pages with doodles making content more engaging. Create monthly themes for your content turning your bullet journal into a work of art. There really are no limits.

Who is this for?

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A bullet journal is essentially a blank notebook with dotted grid paper. There are two styles of bullet journals in our shop.

The 20-Subject Bullet Journal contains 20 customizable sections, with traditional dotted grid style paper filling each section. You are free to copy and paste the blank pages as much as you want. With digital paper, you never run out.

The Ultimate Bullet Journal also contains 20 customizable sections. What makes this journal different is that it also contains a library of over 40 templates for organizing and planning every area of your life. 

The Ultimate Bullet Journal can be set up however you want it to be; simply select the desired planning template (or plain dotted grid paper), copy and paste it behind the divider page, and let the fun begin. There are templates for:

  • Financial Planning
  • Project Management
  • Creativity
  • Self-Care
  • Goal Planning
  • Journaling
  • Lists
  • Reading
  • Note-taking

What's in it?

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