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My Essentials

I absolutely love planning and journaling on the iPad. The writing experience is so authentic because of the Apple pencil and note-taking apps available with this device.


If you love drawing, designing digital stickers, creating wall art, making your fonts...or anything at all, the Procreate App is a game-changer. 

Procreate App

This is my absolute favorite note-taking app. This app allows you to do so much! It's the best experience, in my opinion, when it come to digital paper.

GoodNotes App

If you are not an Apple person, the Galaxy Tab is pretty cool. The pen is designed with realistic friction when writing, and it comes ready Samsung Note which is quite robust. It's actually what my husband uses.

Galaxy Tab

After GoodNotes, I would say that Noteshelf is a pretty great note-taking app; especially Android Tablet users.


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