So, You're Ready to Go Digital?
Good Choice.
Let's Go. 

No trees were harmed in the making of this product. Use over and over, and copy as many pages as needed without any guilt or waste.


Hyperlinks make it easy to navigate your digital planner, notebook, or journal. Easily jump to your desired date, section, or page with ease. Everything is literally at your fingertips.


No need to print anything out! Just upload to your iPad or Tablet, and access anywhere from your favorite note-taking app.

No Printing, Easy Access

Reasons To Love Digital Paper

Worried about wasting ink or running out of pages? Not anymore! Digital products have no end. All pages can be copied and used over and over…really! Fell in love with your planner, and don’t want to see it go? Well, upload last year’s planner content to the cloud, and the original planner file is ready to be re-imported to use again for the new year! Plan, journal, doodle, lists, and take notes as much as you want!

Digital Products Are Literally Limitless.

Benefit #1

"I love this!!! It has the sections I desire, in a planner. I love that I can add more pages if needed!"


Tired of strikethroughs, scribble, and tiny words written along the edges of your paper because you ran out of space? Well that’s somebody else’s problem now. There is nothing done in a digital planner, notebook, or journal that can’t be undone just as quickly without a trace. Don’t like your handwriting? Well, upload any font you want then type (or speak!) the details of your perfectly planned day.

What Mistakes?

Benefit #2


"Just downloaded your planner and it is amazing!! So clean and straightforward. Thanks so much!!

Going digital means having more creative possibilities than ever before! Digital products are used just like the paper versions; but with the ability to turn your Apple pen, stylus, or even your finger into a pencil, marker, paint brush, highlighter, laser pointer and more! Do you like stickers? Well upload any image file you want and decorate like crazy!

Turn Your Creativity ALL the Way Up!

Benefit #3

-Shubba S.

"Very useful, and looks so it! Thanks a lot!"

You need an iPad (preferred) with an Apple Pencil, or an Android Tablet with a dedicated Stylus (like the Samsung Galaxy Tab). These are the devices that give you the best and most authentic planner experience. You'll need a Note-taking app like GoodNotes, Noteshelf or Xodo. Lastly, you need a Joyfully Paperless Digital Product, then let the creativity begin!

What's Needed for Digital Paper use?

If you're the type of planner who loves to use stickers, sticky notes, and washi tape, then you'll be especially excited because any image file can be imported and used as a sticker; and it never runs out like with physical stickers.
There are so many creators designing wonderful digital stickers/art to make your digital paper pop!

What are digital stickers?

Note-taking software turns your digital device into paper. It essentially turns your planner "on" and allows you to use it like you would a paper planner. No need to carry around pens, pencils, highlighters etc., all of these items can be turned on and used within the note-taking app.
The most popular apps are GoodNotes (Apple Only), Noteshelf, and XoDo.

What is Note-Taking Software?

Digital planners are like paper planners in digital form. Digital planners are literally PDF files that were designed, structured, and constructed in software like Affinity Publisher, Apple Keynote, or PowerPoint; then exported as a PDF.
The exported PDF file is imported into note-taking software on your device that will allow you to interact with your digital planner.

What is a Digital Planner?

 No they do not. A digital planner is just like a paper planner in this way. It is completely independent of any calendar app. 

Do the planners sync to Google calendar or other calendar apps?

Absolutely! Information created within your note-taking app is backed-up to the cloud server being used on your digital device. You will never use your creations. 
You can even export the entire planner, journal or notebook from your note-taking app and save it as a file with all of your amazing content in it.

Can Information in my planner, journal or notebook be saved?